Final Letter

I come from Cyberspace, too.

I come from Cyberspace, too. - CC courtesy of sophiepa on Flickr



Members of the Intergalactic Board of Education,


I hope you are well in this time of confusion.  As a student that has recently completed the course of Cyberspace and Society, CIS0835, this past spring,  I feel you have made a wise decision in consulting me on this matter.  I will begin by strongly urging the board immediately consult with the chairman, informing him of the materials taught in the course.  Surely if the chairman knew the information and skills taught and developed in CIS0835, he would not need to be making a decision, for there would be no dispute in the continuation of this course into future semesters.

A personal account may ease your explanation if you encounter any difficulties whilst informing the chairman.  Therefore, I will briefly explain to the board a portion of my own account.  Before I begin, it is important to understand the need for developing the skills we explore.  In the course, we acknowledge the technological world in which we live and are creating.  More than the physical world, we have been taught about the emergence of the world people rarely consider as existing beyond the confines of a computer screen, the digital world.

Before this course I had not considered the world of cyberspace outside Sci-fi novels, I did not realize a need to consider its usage or existence before the instructor opened our eyes to the world in which we are living.  With technology advancing more rapidly than society can measure, it has become crystal clear that the manner by which we communicate has changed and will continue evolving toward an unpredictable plateau.  A change in communication is an understatement when describing the function of technology and its advancement in our lives, the front on which business, of any sort, is conducted has been revolutionized.

This is the technology revolution, and it is not simply a passing fad.  This revolution will endure and consume the empty timeline stretching to its front, for this revolution has only just begun.  Members of the board, I am fully confident you all understand the importance of preparing university students for ‘the real world’, so forgive me for not understanding why the chairman is contemplating the continuation of the only course that prepares students for the realities of interacting and maintaining in their real world.

Cyberspace and Society has not simply opened my eyes to my surrounding reality, I have been taught why, how, who, when and where.  By understanding the history- the development of technologies and cyberspace, the leaders of their existence throughout time, and how they were envisioned and gradually pieced into being- we as future leaders and citizens can anticipate where it is going.  Our instructor has equipped us with the ability to analyze and predict, but he has also shown us existing theories and  fashions in which technology can and will evolve.

I learned the history and how to envision possible futures, but I also learned how to exist.  This course has pushed me to actively exist, to function in this digital world by showing us how to use the tools of interaction.  How to open my information receptors to maximum and how I can contribute- because this is my world, too.  I should have the ability to contribute to my world.

Interacting in this world efficiently is the most important skill that students should be taught in higher education, and Cyberspace and Society does.  However, I know that I was able to take so much away from my experience in the course only because of the passion and dedication of my Professor.  It takes someone special to step out of the conventional in higher education, it requires someone who can inspire and ignite a fire for self expansion, like the someone I was fortunate enough to experience.  Therefore, not only do I advise the board to continue offering CIS0835 in the future, I urge you to work toward putting in place additional courses of a similar nature, taking particular care to find instructors for the additional classes that meet the requirements of the curriculum, as similar to my professor as possible.



Thank you,

Stephanie Jacobs


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