The Future of Learning, ALT University

Working from Bryan Alexander’s alt.residential scenario of the future, I decided to make a short video about a future institution of higher education.
My initial proposition was:

I intend to create a tutorial video for the alt.residentialesque future scenario. This will be the introduction to a higher education propelled by self-directed learning. This learning is the primary need for the physical institution, it is a laziness of people. The information is already there, people just limit themselves to what they force themselves to do.

This tutorial will instruct the lazies and coax them into doing, but is merely a school entrance instruction video. Subliminal change to people’s flawed reasoning (it would be ideally, that is).

I created this video by going through old videos and pictures on my computer I’d take in the past.  It was fun to relive many experiences and they work to adapt them to this idea.  I used VideoPad to edit, and only borrowed the final song.

I really enjoyed this process, even though the video may only be mildly funny if you are on the same page as my odd sense of humor, but at least I had fun making it!  The time really flew, in the end I had to wrap it up because I was running out of time!


I hope you enjoy!


One thought on “The Future of Learning, ALT University

  1. This is a groovy promo for ALT university. I love that there is no word from the administrators on this. I also like the inclusive tone you’ve maintained through the video in showing what ALT has to offer future students and inviting them to join in the journey. ALong with that is the idea that “we” are building this educational future together. That I think is very important and powerful.

    Some of the video clips seemed a bit incongruous and had a surprising effect in their juxtaposition. But this was both thought provoking and entertaining.

    I might have gone with an instrumental background music track through the narration portions of the video. This would have put less burden on your voice to keep the story moving. But that’s just a small stylistic point.

    Bottom line: great job, and thanks for sharing this.

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