Gods and Devils

It is the twenties, I am this generation and lost as a lonely child in the supermarket.  I am not apart of the Lost Generation, I am living in the Lost Decade, for it is the twenties of the 2000s, 2022.  Sadly enough, this scenario of the future is the most beneficial for someone in my shoes, despite the fact I think it is the most plausible of Bryan Alexander’s scenarios of the future.

Why this happened:

2007 began the Great Recession, and with this we began to see the public separation from economic policy.  With this I mean, this is not the first time the economy has turned down, this happens often because of its cyclical nature.  However, this is the first time the public as a whole is unable to react to government manipulation for economic bounce back.  This extended recession leads to the slow disintegration of the European Union, separate economies dependent on this unity begin to crumble and citizens begin to riot.  Economies across the developed world begin to crumble, and in the developing world riots and revolts begin for political injustice and human rights violations.  Riots spark everywhere.

World governments are faced with the question, Austerity or Stimulus?

The world takes different approaches, EU countries follow the routes of austerity and the United States miraculously elects a Democratic President following the most promising rout of stimulus.

Neither approach works.

People have become too spoiled, denying them the benefits to which they feel entitled through austerity measures makes them angry, benefits from stimulus are only feeding what they supposedly deserve.  Economies further fall to pieces.

This is essentially the path to the fantastic global apocalypse considered so very absurd.  People do not buy things anymore, they cannot, so they loot, plunder and thieve.  People take and take until there is nothing left to take, so they make do with what they can and can make.

Governing bodies blew away with the wind, now exists only the comradeship of small, local groups of people.  Civilization has taken serious and strange declines, while maintaining some of the more unusual aspects.  People have found a way to maintain electricity, but have lost the need to communicate.  Education is not of the foremost mind, it is not practical or easily obtainable.

As for me, well, I was a jobless college graduate riddled with a mountain of student loans, but now I am a survivor.  I am without need to apply the methods of money making in an evolving world to, well, to anything.   I need to get food, I need to survive.

Technology is not advancing for the masses, yet individuals are advancing in the technology.  Now, a small portion of individuals around the globe have surpassed any of our fathomable comprehension of what they can do within the virtual world.  These are the only pseudo recognized leaders in my world.  Some are kind, they supply food to the hungry in their miraculous ways, while others are cruel and cause terror to the helpless.

In my world, these rulers of the other world have become gods of sorts, gods or devils.


One thought on “Gods and Devils

  1. This is an interesting and imaginative take on a bleak scenario. I hope the short to mid-term doesn’t unfold as you’ve described but it certainly seems to be the case.

    I like the way you describe how when we are in a world of deprivation the concerns of today such as debt and lack of job become trivial compared to the struggle to survive.

    Let’s hope the dudes in charge get their act together and fix this thing. If not them, then who?

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