Students of Today and Yesteryear

Posed with the question:

What is it like being a student today?

I respond.

Now, when asked today, does the question mean in my generation or this very Sunday– or Sunday or Sunday?

Because either way, we can find something clever and sarcastic to any question you pose.  We hate those damn YouTube ads, though we search for commercials to watch on YouTube (my favorite).

Notice I said find something instead of think of something clever.  I feel as though students today have every right to feel intimidated by independent thinking because there is so much out there.   There is so much information accessible to all and people expose themselves to such a deep, diverse pool of information everyday.  It can be intimidating because our audiences have probably seen or heard better ideas backed by more logic.

How can we possibly say anything thoughtful when everything has already been said?

Better yet, how can we simply avoid having our audience laugh in our face.

Perhaps this is why students plagiarise papers or drop out of classes.  Maybe I’m full of shit, I’m sure someone else has researched and speculated on this topic more thoroughly in past.

I would also like to respond to one of the signs in the video saying most students will graduate with something like $20,000 in debt.  All I have to say to them is, lucky bastards.  By the time I graduate, I will be well over $150,000 in debt, and this is not Ivy League.

I honestly avoid thinking about student debt, it is quite the daunting beast.   Particularly considering the fact I have no idea what I want to do with my life, but I’m not terribly concerned with it because I choose not to think about it.  The biggest issue is I know I have to do something with which I can make enough money to pay my student debt.  This means those heart desires in the arts and lovely lives of frolicking in the fields are not exactly feasible.

Overall, I would say being a student today is quite similar to being a student anytime.  Even though we have all of these fantastic outlets of information and ways of communicating, we have the most to learn from people, and that is something that will never change.


One thought on “Students of Today and Yesteryear

  1. Panda commercial rules. VU, The Kinks and Who all work for me too. Blondie probably takes the cake for the music videos you’ve included. Queen on the tennis court is cool but their music never caught me- sorry.

    As for Smashing Pumpkins, a little tough for me to take. Sorry again. But thinking of an ice cream man, all I can suggest would be this.

    Not sure what all this has to do with the students today video. But it was fun following the links here.

    Even if anything might have already been said, chances are most people haven’t heard any of it yet. So what if the thought’s not original in the big picture of all history. It still doesn’t seem reason enough not to share it.

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