What people think Americans at TUJ do.

Create a “What People Think I Do” meme. This can be done for a very broad range of subjects so be creative!

My first meme, I believe I’ve went over to the dark side.

But I kind of liked it.

I began the process of creating this meme through a bit of brainstorming, whatever could I create a meme about?  I settled on TUJ in general, but only through my image searches did I decide to focus on Americans at TUJ (though I think it applies to all students, for the most part).  The next step was to decide the opinion groups for judgement.  These changed a considerable amount throughout my image hunt.  For example, the ‘What I think I do.’ was intended to be what ‘My friends think I do.’ while the ‘What my friends think I do.’ was going to be ‘What American society thinks I do.’.

So, I began the great image hunt.

What I really do.

Commuter Trains in Tokyo

What I think I do.

Gwen Stefani with Harajuku Girls

What my professors think I do.
What my parents think I do.

Traditional tea