I Dream a Dream


The Nightmarish Dream

Take a recent dream or nightmare you’ve had and make a visual representation of it for others to see.


I had a rather disturbing dream last week.

A Japanese man that had recently employed me appeared in my dream.  He came to my door with a bottle of prescription pills and forcefully asked how many I was going to buy.  I, of course, was frightened, what do I do?  A dilemma, what if he wanted to send me to jail, but what I angered him by refusing?  I woke in a cold sweat.

After a couple minutes of confusion whilst lying in bed, I looked around my room and had a little chuckle.  To my right sat my computer with a frozen image of a film I’d been watching while falling asleep.

I feel asleep watching The French Connection and dreamed my boss was selling me drugs.


To create the visual aid, I compiled a few picture portions into photoshop:

This is the man I used to represent my boss.

Using the MagicWand tool, I was able to easily crop his body out of the photo and place onto the dream-like, gradient background.




This is the girl I used to represent myself.  After flipping and cropping the photo, I used a different gradient within her form to aid the ‘dream-like’ feel of the representation.


After resizing the photo, I again used the MagicWant feature to separate the YEN to portray my monetary dilemma.


With a clip art pill bottle, my dream sequence is completed!



3 thoughts on “I Dream a Dream

  1. This is a very intriguing trip in to your dream space. I like the way you wrote up your process of creating the cool visual. It would have been nice to have had links to or attribution of the various images you used.

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