What the internet is to me.

Given the task of describing the internet’s function within my daily life, I find myself lounging in this black leather chair wondering how I’ve used the internet today.  I woke, first thoughts generally center around extended communication while I slumber, so I open my email.  Personal gmail account is priority, and here I find updates of friends and family throughout the world.  This is my primary mode of communicating with my mother in the U.S., I email her cell phone and she texts my email.  Time to move on to other email accounts, though.  In total, I have something around five email accounts, three of which I use regularly and two used for spam.  However, Facebook technically uses their messaging system with established emails, which brings me to the second field of my morning internet usage- Facebook.  What pictures were tag, who wrote comments, who mentioned, and what the hell is going on in the world.  Facebook informs me of the world’s irrelevant information: what celebrities died and who flashed a nipple, who won the Rose Bowl and what happened to Peyton Manning this season.  Facebook also offers a sort of beauty for its power to unite people across the globe.  I’ve done some traveling, and moving around can make maintaining relationships difficult, but Facebook makes interacting easy and painless.

The internet is tightly woven within daily life, as I’ve realized through my pondering.  After Facebook, I move to Skype.  I use my iPhone to check my horoscope.  Twitter is new, but it’s here.  I watched two episodes of Mad Men for free on letmewatch this earlier, I will wander the boarders of youtube and google to search for news and entertainment.  I’ll utorrent from the Piratebay, unlimited access to music and movies.  I seed, exchange, learn and discover because the internet has become much more than sitting on my laptop to ask Jeeves, there’s an app for that.  Apps are the internet’s stealthy slide into our daily lives that we have come to lean on without our knowing.  What would a day be without my alarm clock synchronized to  satellite accuracy, global weather, my reminders synced from email to phone, constant contact with the world, and how would I know what is going on in the world?  I mean, who reads the paper anymore…

5 thoughts on “What the internet is to me.

  1. I love the Ask Jeeves reference. I wonder what ever happened with that idea?

    I want to thank you for your clear description of what Facebook is and how you use it. It’s a topic I often ask Facebook users about (because it’s something I really don’t get).

    Your explanation is one of the clearest and most sensible ones I’ve come across yet. I’m still not convinced to take the plunge. But I do have a better picture of what all the hubbub is.

    • Until your comment I didn’t realize that Ask Jeeves was no more. I guess it’s just Ask.com now? Randomly, I used to have a boyfriend who’s family restaurant was located just around the corner from the Ask Jeeves offices.

  2. I agree with your opinion, now our society is connected by internet mostly like facebook, skype as you mentioned.

    For me, the internet is tool to survive in society, but it also the tool to controll people and society.

  3. That’s exactly how I use Facebook. It’s like an effortless news aggregator. People I know post things that are important to them and I end up keeping afloat with current events, memes, and pop culture from all over the world (since so many of my friends are international).

    I also use it to establish or maintain connections with friends. I can’t always hang out or see a person, especially when I’m busy or far away, but by commenting on their posts or liking their photos it feels like I’m still around. Between my Japanese friends especially the “like” feature seems to take on a really supportive feeling.

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